GeoDraw – Jamtec (Stoke) Ltd. Ideas for use included with the App and more added here.

Fraction Operations

GeoDraw – Jamtec (Stoke) Ltd, any Geoboard, real or virtual, or dotty paper can be used to support the understanding of combining fractions. Fraction representations pdf   Fraction representations flipchart  Fraction representations notebook   Note that notebook file will have most … Read More

Mystic Rose

Classic problem from  way back – but not clear how long it’s been around (couldn’t find anything other than suggestion it’s linked to Rose church windows). Features in the Shell Centre ‘blue’ box Problems with Patterns and Numbers that introduced it … Read More

Printable Paper

Sites that offer isometric, square, circular geoboard papers include the brilliant nRich site and the excellent Illuminations site. The GeoDraw app for iPads is available from: GeoDraw – Jamtec (Stoke) Ltd From nRich you can get on A4 paper: Dotted Isometric … Read More