Ideal for use on an IWB or for use by pupils either at school or at home – but unfortunately will not work on iPads or iPhones. Check out our new Y6 to Y9 fraction, decimal, percentage and ratio starters below. These and many more interactive starters are also found here.

Fraction, Decimal, Percentage and Ratio Y6&Y7 (Notes here)Fraction, Decimal, Percentage and Ratio Y8&Y9 (Notes here)
Decimals to a fraction
Equivalent fractions
Equivalent ratios
Finding percentages
Find the fraction
Fractions and percentages
Fractions of a quantity
Making one
Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10
Assorted number questions
Assorted number questions: 0 and X
Decimal division
Decimal multiplication
Decimal multiplication squares
Decimal and number multiplication
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Fractions of a quantity
Improper fractions
Mental arithmetic (decimals)
Multiplying decimals
Ordering fractions
Ordering fractions and decimals
Ordering fractions and percentages
Ordering harder fractions
Percentage calcuations
More to follow