Ideal for use on an IWB or for use by pupils either at school or at home – but unfortunately will not work on iPads or iPhones. Check out our new Y6&Y7 number starters below. These and many more interactive starters are also found here.

Number Y6&Y7 (Notes here) Number Y8&Y9 (Notes here)
Tables’ practice
Evaluating expressions
Number complements
Directed numbers
Doubles and halves
Simple multiplication and division
Square Digits
Rounding numbers
Missing operations
Combining numbers
Properties of numbers
Squares and square roots
Factors of numbers
Properties of numbers
Multiplications and divisions
Code cracking
Consecutive sums
Adding and subtracting numbers and decimals
Multiplication by powers of 10
The number 34
Multiplication squares
Wall numbers
Powers of ten
Squares, cubes and their roots
Sums of squares
Addition and subtraction
Properties of numbers
Add and subtract directed numbers
Magic squares
Number darts
Squares and cubes
Simple powers of 10
Number complements
Directed numbers: O and X
Dart totals
Mental arithmetic (integers)
Quiz dartsTo follow