Check out these great blog sites for mathematics resources. They are not in any particular order. Where RSS feeds are available for these sites they are shown on the right.


+plus Magazine

Articles and podcasts on any area of mathematics are found here to help show people the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Definitely a must for anyone with a passing, or greater, interest in mathematics. Keep yourself up-to-date.

Jo Morgan’s Resourceaholic Blog

Large set of useful secondary resources, including plenty for KS5, that can be used with care. Like the idea of ‘bitesize postcards’ and the maths gems. But, as Jo says “I sit more in the ‘imparting knowledge’ camp than the … Read More

David Gale’s Reflective Maths

A site for ideas for 11-18 mathematics and according to Dave “This blog is to share ideas I create or find and to help reflect on my teaching and the learning of maths in general.” Shame posts aren’t in sensible … Read More

Brent Yorgey’s The Math Less Traveled

Most work suitable for high school students. Home to the factorisation diagrams. Explorations in mathematical beauty is the tag-line and he offers the following: “There is tons of beautiful mathematics out there which is accessible without an advanced degree in … Read More

Andrew Blair’s Inquiry Maths

Not so much a blog, more a way of life. As this secondary site states “Inquiry maths is a model of teaching that encourages students to regulate their own activity while exploring a mathematical statement (called a prompt). Inquiries can … Read More

Vi Hart’s Pages

Quirky and brilliant, but not to everyone’s tasted this mathematician, musician and artist has many great ideas for the classroom – but not always easily found. You need to be persistent and able to adapt her ideas. Keeps you aware … Read More

Don Steward’s Median
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Brilliant for maths teaching 10-16. Hundreds, if not thousands, of highly suitable, indexed by titles, valuable tasks collected and worked with over years. As Don states “These ideas are aimed at those who teach adolescents; who like tasks with some … Read More