There are over 1150 Mathematical Activity Tiles available as above and all except the Mini octagons have one edge of 58 mm that will fit to each other. Other sides of isosceles triangle and rectangle is 116 mm (2 x 58 mm).

I’m reducing my mathematics library: someone has bought them now on eBay.

  • Mats can be bought from the ATM here.
  • Suitable for primary and secondary teachers for maths related activities about polygons or polyhedra.
  • Polygons (2D) Tessellations information is here.
  • Polyhedra (3D) A quick whizz through video here shows how to use copydex to glue edges to make polyhedra. For information about Polyhedra that you can make see here.
  • Can be glued together using copydex glue, then can be used again as glue will ‘unstick’.
  • A quick whizz through video here shows how to do this.
  • If you belong to ATM there is a free version of booklet on using ATM tiles here, otherwise £2.40

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