2021 is proving to be a special year in more ways than one. Not only is 2021 a product of consecutive primes (43 x 47) but it is also a year, like 2011, where cicadas (a chirping insect) will appear in abundance in certain parts of the United States

  • this BBC article by Marcus du Sautoy from 2011 explains the mathematics of the advantages of 13 and 17 year periods between the appearances of two types of cicadas in the Nashville area
  • a recent Guardian article tells us to expect a repeat of the appearance of the 2004 cicadas (returning 17 years later) in mid-May in Ohio, New York and some other US states
  • the article Cicadas and prime numbers from 2015 again by Marcus du Sautoy gives helpful information about what you can do with the mathematics (he is how I first learned about this way back in 2003)
  • a simulation that shows why prime numbers are good for cicada can be seen at this site, as well as other simulations