Each of the 12 KS3 Resources contains 4 or 5 independent (sets of) lessons based around a common theme (the Activities). They can be freely downloaded from the original project site, but you do need to register (it is free, no problem and takes a few minutes).

Cre8ate MathsResources

To see and download the resources you need to be in a browser with Flash implemented, so unfortunately you will not see the resources on iPads or iPhones.

 Resource  Activities
Building for the Future Architect’s Skills
Bricks and Tiles
Building a Town
Rigid Structures
Tiling Patterns
Childcare & Early Years Healthy Childhood
Keeping Baby Warm
Nappy Changing Challenge
Painting the Playground
Playground Design
Digital Design Designing Logos
Maths in Art
Pixel Perfection
Working with Photos.
Food and Drink Boxes and Bottles
Going Bananas
Minimise or Supersize
What’s In Your Bowl?
Getting There Ferries
More Miles For Your Money
The Greenest Route
Working for Efficiency
Growing Food Building Silos
Growing More
Helicopter Seeds
Health and Social Care Accessible Spaces
Classroom Olympics
Getting On
Hand Eye Coordination
Making Things Work Bridges and Structures
Pit Stop
Shopping Around Attracting the Customer
Cre8te Salon
Supermarket Car Parks
Working at Play Eco Tourism
Running Tracks
Sort It Out
World Records
Yorkshire Pupil Survey
Working with Chemicals Making Molecules
Waste Management
Hair and Beauty
Crystal Shapes 1
Crystal Shapes 2
Working with Others Is it fair?
Islamic Design
Running a Club
Vedic Maths 1
Vedic Maths 2