All published by ATM costing £50+ (£40+ for members). Recommend all of them, available individually from ATM at their shop.

Maths with Ben : Enrichment Activities (ISBN 1 898611 42 4) KS2,3

“All the activities in this book are intended to be used for enriching the mathematics curriculum. They aim to provide pupils with interesting challenges which will help to develop their thinking and problem solving skills.”

Polygons – Dot to Dot  (ISBN 1 898611 04 1) KS1,2,3

“These exercises involve joining sets of dots together (like a dot to dot puzzle) to complete a given design shown on the same page. The designs are based upon standard tilings. The spaces between the tiles have been developed by joining up vertices, and further points of intersection, to create new tiles.”

Proof in Elementary Geometry (ISBN 1 898611 17 3)

“In this booklet, persuasive words and pictures are used to put the case, rather than strict logical arguments. The aim is to convince, rather than to prove.”

Thinkers (ISBN 1 898611 26 2) KS2,3,4, 5 AS/A level

“These are not ‘bolt-on’ activities but can be integrated into everyday mathematics lessons to promote a classroom culture in which learner-generated examples open a window on mathematics that textbook exercises leaves closed. ‘Thinkers’ will enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics for new and experienced teachers, and for learners from 8 to 18 (and beyond).”

Transforming with dynamic geometry software, logo and other resources (ISBN 1 898611 02 5) KS2,3

“Transforming emphasises the active involvement of 8 to 13 year old students in a range of mathematical activities, which exploit the use of various types of practical equipment, including ICT. Appendices give full details of software and other resources. This booklet includes section on rotating, reflecting, enlarging and combining transformation.”