Interactive excel activity that simulates four games of rolling two dice. Originally part of the lesson plan from the statistics section S3 Using Computer Games from the Standards Unit Improving Learning in Mathematics Resource. Additional interactive excel file plus teacher notes with templates. Also ActivInspire and PowerPoint files and the original Teacher Notes in pdf form.

Updated October 2020 to include Sample Space gifs included below and in PowerPoint and ActivInspire Files.

Features include:

  • simulation of 4 games (addition, difference, maximum and multiple)
  • single throws of dice or option to run complete game in one go
  • collection of 50 game results for each game
  • data collection for classroom use with automatic charting
  • sample spaces for each which can show/hide relevant theoretical probabilities
  • can be used by teacher and/or pupils

Here are the files that can be downloaded for use

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Four gifs are available below and are included in PowerPoint and ActivInspire Files. Generated from the Excel file.