Mathematics Subject Knowledge Audits/Self-evaluations and Tests

These have been found useful by beginning teachers in training and also by teachers trained in other subjects. Each one is different some provide ideas about how to update your knowledge others just help you identify what you know and find gaps in your knowledge. All are currently free, don’t link to tuition sites and don’t have adverts.

  • NCETM Self-evaluation tools– look in detail at Content knowledge, Specific pedagogy and Embedding in practice. In each area you have to answer on your level of confidence of what you think you can do, where examples are given to help explain what each statement might mean. Useful to record your results, print them out to help prioritise what you need to know.
  • CIMT at Plymouth University– TSST Mathematics Courses Support material. Found to be very useful by teachers who used these as it provides audits, multiple choice questions and support materials around 10 strands (A to J) broken down into 38 units where unit A1 is Decimals and Fractions and J3 is vectors. Each unit has an Initial Diagnostic Unit (IDU), which can be marked and scored, Multiple Choice Questions, (MCQ), also marked and an Assessment Test (this final option is only available to those on TSST courses). Teachers typically would answer the IDU and/or the MCQ and then address the gaps.
  • GCSE type Tests– Could be used by you/pupils where you can work leisurely or in exam mode (one hour only). It then gets marked, producing a chart that helps you prioritise what you need to revise. Click on a cross if you get an answer wrong to see the correct answer and explanation. Remember the test number to get back to the same one.
  • Bitesize (at the BBC) KS3and GCSE (choose an exam board) – Revise and Test options with some video clips but only covers part of the curriculum. Teachers have found useful and can also be used with or by pupils. You might need to register to login to use (free).