Nrich have some great activities that make use of the wonderful Dime recording sheet and a link showing how to use it – but this is a flash file. This sheet can then be used with these:

Two and OneThe Twelve Point Star GameOdds and EvensFlippin’ DiscsCosy Corner

Two’s CompanyThe Better BetThank Your Lucky Stars

Improving Learning in Mathematics

There are 4 Improving Learning in Mathematics Lessons: S1 Ordering Probabilities; S2 Evaluating Probability Statements; S3 Probability; and S8 Using Binomial Probabilities – flipcharts and files etc found here.

BBC Bitesize: Probability and Relative Frequency

Probability: resource – here (with revision, activity an test); and 2 classroom clips – here (sharing birthdays and weather predicting).

Relative frequency resource – here (with revision and test).

Resourceaholic Resources (Jo Morgan’s brilliant site)

Sections after the statistics stuff on the following:

Probability; Probability Trees; Frequency Trees; Venn Diagrams for Probability

Median Resources (Don Steward’s brilliant site)

His probability resources are found here.

Inquiry Maths (Andrew Blair’s brilliant site)

Inquiry maths prompt for Probability is found here.

Transum Resources (but only with Adblock on or a subscription)

The Transum resources are found here: – it is helpful to have Adblock software working on this site or to subscribe to it.

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