Ada Lovelace the first computer programmer is celebrated on the second Tuesday in October as ‘Ada Lovelace Day‘ (since 2009). The 2020 Ada Lovelace Day is Tuesday 13 October. For events on this day see here.

 Radio and TV programmes  Link and info Comment
Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing  TV – 1 hour (Hannah Fry)
(may not be available) August 2019
Clips available
Also more available
Great Lives: Konnie Huq on Ada Lovelace (you’ll need free BBC account: Starts 1 minute in) Radio – 30 minutes
September 2013
Download available
The Letters of Ada Lovelace Radio – 2 x 30 minutes Not currently available

The Science Museum now contains a Mathematics section in the Winton Gallery. Left below shows photos of Babbage’s analytical engine; right shows a poster about STEM careers available here from Ada Lovelace Day website (there is much more of interest there too).

For linked merchandise from Amazon, books, other posters, stickers etc see Ada Lovelace merchandise or click on one of the titles below.