Powers and Scale

A whole set of resources from the internet that include real-life examples related to powers and scale. Some great stuff.

  1. To start things off we suggest the excellent Powers of 10 video
  2. The Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary Huang has some good visuals (choose language, click on objects, use slider)
  3. The Universal Scale by Nikon offers good examples too. (Can take a time to load.)
  4. The nrich activity A question of Scale links well with these.
  5. A 5 minute BBC classroom clip lin: The Approximate History of Place Values has info about place value.
  6. Another visual offering (2.5 minutes) is the Power of X from TEDxSUMMIT
  7. Improving Learning in Mathematics: N12 Using Indices is found on our website.
  8. NCETM have an Index Numbers Workshop. You may need to log on.
  9. Our Maths Charts by Jenny Eather App for IPhones and iPads has charts on place value and index notation.

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